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VONROCKA … Logline 

Sometimes to fit in you gotta ride the music until you need to get right off. Hey get Punked!

Living in the shadow of his recently deceased father (Wolfgang) Eddie Vonrocka exists on the outskirts of the local punk scene where he feeds off the fast pace of the music and strong camaraderie of the bands. However just like his hard rocking father lived, Eddie is also about twenty years behind current trends. A fact Eddie proudly rejoices in by way of adorning his Ac/Dc jacket patches and a mullet style haircut whilst everyone else wears their abrasive punked out fashions.

Under instruction from his rural based drug manufacturing dad Michael (Wolfgang’s brother) drum playing cousin Terry has come down from the country to be of some company while Eddie deals with his recent traumatic loss of his father Wolfgang. However a mischievous Michael sees the death of Wolfgang as the perfect opportunity to expand his growing Ice Drug network by having Terry down in the city to console an unsuspecting Eddie and of course move some “Product”

Together Eddie and Terry have the solid beginnings of a three piece punk band. Although finding a reliable bass player is becoming somewhat of a conundrum. Apparently none of them seem to have their shit together? Terry has no problem with a female bass player, however Eddie is stoically keen to stick to his father’s formula of “Blokes Only” when it comes to a band. In sporadic moments of grief Eddie often relives the memories of his departed mother and father’s simpler lifestyle and strong bond.

Although the Melbourne Sharpie era was long over, alongside the other members of the band Switch Blade local legend Wolfgang was still rocking his Staggers Jeans and Connie Cardigan and infamous Sharpie haircut, as did their many followers! Wolfgang lost the love of his life (Dawn) only a year prior to his own death. Unbeknownst to Eddie it was Terry’s father Michael who played a large part of Wolfgang’s demise by enticing him to start smoking Ice to help make the pain “go away” A move that ultimately lead to an unimagined death whilst playing on stage.

For cousin Terry most evenings are spent at the various local pubs with nearly all meals eaten anywhere but at home? A curious Eddie often wonders how Terry can afford to constantly live the so called high life? To complicate matters the local copper ‘Smythy” seems to have it in for Eddie as well. No doubt a legacy of Wolfgang’s rebellious ways and contempt of Smythy’s authority. Although a constant thorn in Eddie’s side the one redeeming quality old Smythy has is that just like Eddie he hates the emergence of the local Ice epidemic.

After all, there was none of that shit about when Wolfgang and Switch Blade were rocking the local pub scene! Thank God Wolfgang’s old Holden is there to help relive the good times. For Eddie it may turn out that the only one true thing he can bank on is the old car’s reliability and just possibly a few of the new people he meets along the way to discover his true destiny via the local Punk Music event of the year …. Smash Fest!


Filmed in glorious Black and White unless stated. Each Mosh Pit sequence is  two seconds action and one second still shot.

Featured Bands are…  CoffinWolf,  Udder Ubductees, Strawberry Fistcake, OverPower, Stoned To Death, The Fck Ups, Wolfpack, Rathead.

SmashFest is a real punk music event (the biggest and best in Melbourne)

Fictional bands are… Vonrocka, Swtich Blade and The Punky Poets.

Featured background music … The Radiators + The Distillers + Local Bands

Original songs .. Rockstar, One Minute Punk Song and Ripped Off written by Rod Seeber.

The objective of this movie is to create an Australian Cult Classic and a chronicle of the local punk music scene in and around the northern suburbs.

Options include crowd funding and meeting “The Right Person”  or submitting the screenplay to a movie studio. This third draft is considered close to the finished script.  Are you The Right Person?  Or is that  rich Aunty you never see The Right Person?

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me at SpaceRoddy@Hotmail.com It would be a good idea to include the Film Title in the email title so it does not get lost in the spam folder.

Worth noting as bands and venues come and go there is a fair amount of flexiblity in the final screenplay regarding this aspect. Basically this screenplay is designed to “Showcase” the bands and venues from the Northern side of Melbourne at its time of production.

Obviously the VONROCKA  movie screenplay is copyright.

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